1. Don’t Mean Shit

5. Breakdown

2. What You Mean

6. All For Nothing

3. NEXT Time

7. Forget The Time

4. Double Fisted

8. Why Should I Care

Next Time

Next Time, the EP is 8 songs that I never thought would be heard by anyone.

The songs on the Next Time EP were written and recorded between 1998 and 2000. The tracking was completed and the mixing stage started. The entire EP was exported for listening outside of the studio as a rough mix. Unfortunately during this stage, a power outage destroyed the hard disk which contained the entire project. There was no backup copy of the project; all that remained was a rough mix on a single compact disk. Unhappy with the sound of the project and unable to go back to the mixing stage, Mastering was all the could possibly help what was left of the 8 song EP.

Though the Mastering stage did improve the sound, I was still not satisfied with the sound of the project and decided not to release the EP….until one day, almost 20 years later, a family member heard one of the song on a random playlist and suggested I should release it despite it’s imperfections.

I agreed and thought, why not. Yes it’s old but lets see if the sound can be improved at all. I told myself either way, I’d commit to releasing the music and that’s what I did. All the song’s were Remastered and made available on all major streaming services.