Max Alexandre, a Canadian artist hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, has been immersed in a rich tapestry of musical styles since his formative years. This early exposure to diverse genres ignited his passion for crafting music that resonates with listeners. His roots in music stem from a penchant for lighter rock tones, evident in tracks like Tell Me How It Feels and Picture Day. These early creations bear the mark of his exploration into the melodic and softer facets of rock music.

However, Max’s artistic journey didn’t confine itself to a singular sound. His artistic evolution took a turn towards the more aggressive dimensions of rock. As the driving force behind his original music project, he wielded his skills as both a vocalist and guitarist to carve a niche within the aggressive rock realm. Songs like Drop And Drown, Don’t Mean Shit, and Say You Know serve as a testament to his exploration of the grittier, harder-hitting side of the musical spectrum.

This musical odyssey didn’t halt at one particular style. Max’s creative journey continued to evolve, drawing inspiration from the raw energy and riff-based foundation of aggressive rock. This transformation led to the creation of his self-produced studio EP, Next Time. This marked a significant juncture in his career as he ventured into the realm of music production, collaborating with other artists and lending his expertise to shape their sonic landscapes.

Max Alexandre’s commitment to his craft remains unwavering. Even as he basks in the success of his recent single, You Hide, his creative engine keeps humming. He remains engrossed in the process of songwriting and music production, fueled by the pursuit of new sonic territories and narratives waiting to be explored. The horizon holds the promise of fresh material as he continues to hone his artistry and expand his musical horizons.